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Accessory Review Submission [Full Details]
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Nokia D211 Data Card - Mobile Accessories Nokia D211 Data Card

23 December 2002
Written By Kinny Cheng

Sales package (should contain):
  • 1 x Nokia D211 PCMCIA card
  • 1 x Nokia D211 protective case (plastic)
  • 1 x Nokia D211 software CD-ROM
  • 1 x Nokia D211 installation guide (inside CD-ROM case)

True “full-time” wireless data connectivity is slowly becoming a reality. Remembering back when digital mobile networks were introduced where the ability to connect a PC device to the Internet at 9.6 kbps was fascinating, even when we already had 56 kbps modems! The mere fact of being able to connect without a physical phone line had already defied the belief of many.

This possibility has given many the option of working while away from the office computer, and even possibly getting connected with their office networks while outside on the streets. As long as there is a network signal, there’s probably no excuse for not being able to connect.

With the Nokia D211, it doesn’t just give you the ability to establish a data connection over a GSM network via a standard dial-up connection or through high-speed GPRS radio - but is also able to connect up with wireless LAN networks should there be one available, with achievable speeds of up to 11 mbps!


Most may have already realised that the Nokia D211 does not portray the typical footprint of a GSM mobile phone handset. Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, the Nokia Card Phone 1.0 and 2.0, it offers, it is a PCMCIA device (or PC card) solely designed to provide users of laptop-based PCs and handhelds with the ability to connect to the Internet and data networks through a variety of methods, as well as receiving data-based calls including ones for fax.

In addition to supporting CSD (circuit switched data) and HSCSD (high-speed circuit switched data) connections, which can provide data speeds of up to 9.6 kbps and 43.2 kbps respectively, the D211 is GPRS-compatible as well - supporting up to Class 6 speeds of 40.2 kbps.

But wait, there’s still more - the D211 can also be used as a wireless LAN card, supporting 802.11b-based wireless infrastructures. If your office has a wireless LAN infrastructure set up, or should you be at a location that supports public access of their wireless network, simply input the relevant network settings and away you go!

Having the D211 sticking out of the PC card slot may not be the best fashion accessory for your notebook computer! Nokia has included a plastic protective case where the D211 gets a snug fit.

Styling and build quality

Being very much similar to previous Nokia Card Phone models, the D211 comes with a slot for the insertion of the SIM card that can be easily removed. When inserted, the visible portion remaining is the black part that houses the antenna, which is now internal making the D211 having no moving parts whatsoever.

I found the D211 to be very well built when compared to the likes of other PCMCIA-based cards. The overall card felt solid, including the antenna portion and the PCMCIA interface at the base of the card - which slotted in very comfortably and could be removed with minimal effort. 

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Nokia D211 Data Card

Table of contents

Table of contents:

Practicality and styling (Page 1)
Road-testing (Page 2)
Summary (Page 3)

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