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Accessory Review Submission [Full Details]
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Billionton USB Bluetooth Adapter - Mobile Accessories Billionton USB Bluetooth Adapter

02 February 2004
Written By David Hall

Major features:
  • Bluetooth class 1 adapter
  • USB 1.1 compliant
  • 100m range (328ft)
  • Connect Bluetooth mobile phones, PDAís and more
  • No USB 2.0
Sales package (should contain):
  • 1x Bluetooth USB Adapter
  • 1x Extension USB cable
  • 1x Installation CD
  • 1x Quick Start Guide


Once upon a time one could only ever connect their mobile phone or PDA with cables - but thatís all changed now with the Billionton USB adapter.

Bluetooth is the wireless technology which is revolutionising the telecommunication and technology markets. With Bluetooth technology, there is no need for wires, and each connection between devices is secure. You also donít have to have your phone or PDA in a certain spot to have a connection like Infrared, and some devices have a 100m range, like the Billionton Bluetooth USB adapter. Pure freedom - Bluetooth!

Bluetooth enables the user to have quick transfers of all different kinds of files. Instead of having to buy a new data-cable every time you get a new phone, the Billion Bluetooth Adapter will work with all kinds of Bluetooth enabled devices; phones, PDAís, laptops, and more. Almost every phone with Bluetooth enabled on it will work with the Billionton adapter, so compatibility is very wide.

Compliant with Bluetooth Class 1, and USB 1.1, you are guaranteed fast & direct transfers and syncs that you can rely on. The great thing about USB 1.1 is that itís fast, most computers have it pre-installed, and itís not complicated to set up. Install the software, and plug it in.

The Billionton USB Bluetooth adapter looks really cool as well. It is only a very thing black rectangle with an aerial folded down at the side. The aerial can be lifted up or left on its side; it all depends on how you want to put it. You can plug it straight into a spare USB port at the front of your computer, or plug it in at the back so no one will even know youíre Bluetooth enabled! You can also use the cable extension provided in the sales package. A coloured LED is positioned internally in the middle of the adapter, and it flashes when plugged in and receiving power, and stays lit when sending/receiving data.

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Billionton USB Bluetooth Adapter

Table of contents

Table of contents:

Introduction (Page 1)
Road-testing (Page 2)
Problems/Issues (Page 3)
Summary (Page 4)

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