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communic8-ing with SMS - Buyer Guide communic8-ing with SMS

01 August 2002
Written by Kinny Cheng

Text messaging isn’t just a feature on your mobile phone anymore. It enables people with mobile phones (umm, that would be most people) to communicate on a completely different level by simply using words, abbreviations, letters and even a combination of different symbols - all typed out and displayed on the small screen of your mobile. Near-instantaneous and swift delivery of messages and its practicality during discreet moments are two examples of why mobile phone text messaging is such a boon.

The success of this concept is not because it’s dirt cheap to message than to call (on the contrary - but there are those times of course). You can say that again for text messaging - costing a user 22 cents including GST to send a message to another mobile phone user. Doesn’t seem to be a lot when it’s just one or two - but who would consciously keep track of how many messages they send in a month anyway?

Not to worry - because Telstra has recently launched a set of SMS plans under the “communic8” brand name. Targeted at younger and budget-conscious mobile phone users, the SMS plans provides for cheaper per-message charges both for intra- (communic8 and Telstra mobile customers) and inter-network (customers on other networks) messaging.

A user will have the choice of either going casual or subscribing to a 12-month service, which of course entitles the user to additional benefits. For a casual setup, users will only have to pay 15 cents per intra-network SMS message, and a maximum of 20 cents for messages sent to other networks.

If subscribing to an SMS plan for 12 months is an option for you, there may be the chance that you could get cheaper per-message rates depending on your choice of plan with the appropriate minimum monthly spend level. Anyone subscribing will also get the FREETXT offer, which allows customers to send free SMS messages to other communic8 and Telstra mobiles between 9pm to 5am. For those who will have a minimum monthly spend of $20 or more will also receive the “monthly subscriber bonus” which rewards the user with the respective credit on their phone bill every month (see chart below for more details).

  Causal Subscriber
Minimum Monthly spend level Monthly included calls^ Call rates per 30 sec block or part thereof* Casual SMS to communic8 and Telstra mobiles SMS to any other network Monthly subscriber bonus** FREETXT
$10 $10 55c 15c 20c N/A Yes
$10 $10 50c 15c 18c $5.00 Yes
$40 $40 44c 15c 18c $7.50 Yes
$60 $60 31c 15c 18c $10.00 Yes

All prices stated include GST
^Unused calls forfeited
*25c flagfall applies;
** A $150 disconnection charge applies to communic8 Subscriber Call Plan and SMS Plan customers who move to Casual, Pre-paid, or other non approved plans or cancel their Subscriber Plan within the 12 month period. A $50 administration fee may be charged when customers reduce their minimum monthly spend level more than once or by more than one level in any 12 month period. Subscriber Customers may switch between service plan types a maximum of three times per month. Included calls, call and SMS rates and bonus options will be adjusted to reflect new service plan type.

For those who have taken up text messaging as a hobby, you may just want to consider comminic8’s new SMS plans - which could just save you that bit of extra money you could use elsewhere (up to 4 cents per message).

Additional information and conditions for the new SMS plans can be obtained from the communic8 website.

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