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Cover Story
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World Mobile Congress 2008 Coverage World Mobile Congress 2008 Coverage

11 February 2008
Written by David Hall

From the 11th - 14th of this month much of the world's technology-oriented media have headed to Barcelona, Spain, to cover the World Mobile Congress 2008. Exhibitors at the event include big names in mobile telecommunications such as LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson.

A series of new phones were announced at the event, as well as the first public showings of handsets that had already been announced.

Nokia announced four new devices, including an upgrade to the popular Nokia 6110 Navigator, and two full featured N-series handsets. The N96 brings together high-end functionality such as a 5mpx digital camera, extensive multimedia functionality, DVB-H television support, and an integrated GPS chipset.

The N78 focuses on three main areas: music, navigation, and photography. The 6220 Classic may look like an average handset from the outside, but on the inside there is a host of top-end functionality.

Perhaps the biggest announcement at the Sony Ericsson camp was the new XPERIA line of handsets, and its first member: the X1. The next-generation arch-sliding handset runs Windows Mobile, has a 800 x 480 pixel display, WLAN and 3G connectivity, and a built-in GPS chip, and much, much more.

Sony Ericsson announced a further six handsets, including two CyberShot models (C702 and C902), a redesigned Walkman handset (W980), and two entry level handsets (G700 and G900).

Motorola added two entry-level handsets to their line-up: the W161 and W181. The Z6w, also announced in Barcelona, is a slider handset whose main highlights include WLAN connectivity and a hot-swappable microSD port supporting cards up to 4GB.

LG Electronics, like Motorola, showcased three handsets. The KF510 was announced earlier in Febuary, but the WMC marked its public debut. The sliding handset is just 10.9mm wide, with touch-sensitive (Chocoloate-like) navigational keys.

The KF600 uses LG's InteractPad technology, a new touch-based navigational system that replaces physical navigational keys with an LCD touch screen. The screen displays small icons that change according to what's being displayed on the screen. For example, when using the music player, the navigational keys will display icons for things such as pausing/playing music, changing tracks, and so forth.

The KF700 supports three input methods to make operating the handset as easy as possible. There's a full touch-screen, physical numerical keys, and a Shortcut Dial for accessing up to 6 different applications/functions.

Samsung displayed five handsets at the World Mobile Congress. The Soul is Samsung's latest flagship model, with high-end functionality and style to match. The G810 has features like a 5mpx digital camera, Symbian operating system, and GPS navigation.

The Samsung F480 is much like the Armani-branded handset from last year, but without the Armani branding. Key features include a 5mpx digital camera, 2.8" touch-screen, and Croix four-way interface - all in a 11.5mm thick package.

Bang & Olufsen have teamed with Samsung to create the F400, with features such as slide-out stereo speakers for amazing audio quality, 3G network connectivity, a microSD card slot and FM stereo radio. The G400 is a clam-shell handset with dual touch-screens encased in a full-metal body.

Lastly, the i780, which was announced way back in September, runs Windows Mobile Professional, has an “optical mouse," and integrated WLAN connectivity and a GPS chipset.

For more information on all of the handsets showcased at this year's World Mobile Congress, see our extensive list Future Phone articles below.

KF510 - A slimline 10.9mm slider with Chocolate-like navigational keys.
KF600 - LG debut their InteractPad technology, which uses a touch-based LCD for navigation, which displays changing icons based on the application currently open.
KF700 - A physical numerical keypad, touch screen, and Shortcut Dial make using the handset easy and efficient.

W161 - An entry-level handset with a black-and-white LCD, dual-band GSM network compatibility and SMS messaging.
W181 - Just like the W161 but with an FM radio and 65k colour display.
Z6W - A sliding handset combining traditional GSM network compatibility with WLAN 802.11b/g connectivity.

To mark World Mobile Congress 2008 for Australian media, Nokia hosted an event on Sydney Harbour showcasing four new handsets, their Maps 2.0 software, and Ovi (www.ovi.com) website.
N96 - A high-end multimedia computer with mobile TV support (DVB-H), 5mpx digital camera, GPS, and a whole lot more.
N78 - Music, navigation, and photography are the focus of this new handset.
6220 - Classic styling with top-end functionality.
6210 - An upgrade to the 6110 Navigator with 3.2mpx digital camera, bigger screen, and more memory.

Soul - Samsung's latest flagship model sporting exquisite style with functionality to match.
G400 - A full-metal body clamshell with dual touch LCD displays.
G810 - Bringing together a Symbian operating system, 5mpx digital camera, and GPS navigation, the G810 is a high-end all rounder.
F400 - Bang & Olufsen team up with Samsung to provide a 3G handset with slide-out stereo speakers and an FM stereo radio.
F480 - Samsung’s 2007 Armani-branded handset is back… without the Armani branding.
I780 - Dubbed the “Treo killer,” the i780 was announced last year but makes it first public appearance at the World Mobile Congress.

Sony Ericsson
XPERIA X1 - A next-generation arch-slide handset with Windows Mobile technology.
Z770 - A classic-looking clamshell with HSDPA for high-speed internet access.
C702 - CyberShot camera phone with built-in GPS and splash/dust resistance.
C902 - Another CyberShot with a unique slide-out lens cover and 5mpx digital camera.
W980 - Get the most out of your music with the W980 with its auto-enhancing functionality and Walkman on Top design.
G700 - A pocket-sized organiser with all the functionality an entry-level user desires.
G900 - All the functionality of the G700 but with one addition: a 5mpx auto-focus camera.


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