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Cover Story
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CommunicAsia Singapore 2006 CommunicAsia Singapore 2006

26 June 2006
Reported by David Hall


So it's upon us again - the CommunicAsia technology expo in Singapore. This year we were lucky enough to make the trip to Singapore for CommunicAsia and have a play with some of the latest & greatest handsets on offer by our favourite brands. Mobile phone manufacturers we visited included Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, and Samsung. Unfortunately Nokia didn't make the trip (they were having their own event - Nokia Connection 2006), and neither did the new player in the field - BenQ-Siemens.

The event was held at the Singapore Expo convention centre just out of the main CBD in Singapore from the 19th of June to the 22nd. The venue is huge and CommunicAsia itself took up 4 pavillions! Not only telecommunication companies were exhibiting, a wide range of companies in the areas of network administration, infrastructure, internet service providers, and others in the ICT-related industry.

It was great to get some hands-on experience with the mobile handsets that we'll be seeing in Australia in the very near future like the Sony Ericsson M600i & K610im, KG920, and more. We even got to try out the latest handsets with mobile television playback, and 10mpx, 7mpx, and 5mpx camera-phones by Samsung! We captured a heap of photos, which you'll find scattered around the pages of this article - except at the Motorola exhibit where we were informed we weren't allowed to take any photos! They let us capture some photos though...

It was clear a lot of work had gone into each of the manufacturers booths and the overall experience was amazing.

We've organized the article into different pages for each phone manufacturer, so checkout each page and enjoy our coverage of CommunicAsia Singapore 2006.

Sony Ericsson

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CommunicAsia Singapore 2006

Table of contents

Table of contents:

Introduction (Page 1)
Sony Ericsson (Page 2)
Motorola (Page 3)
LG (Page 4)
Samsung (Page 5)
NTT DoCoMo & Conclusion (Page 6)

Buyer Guide

Buyer Guide

Much time has passed since our original megapixel camera phone comparison article of late 2004, and manufacturers have had the opportunity to improve the...
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