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National Dealer Search Engine - FAQ
1. What is the National Dealer Search Engine (NDSE)?

This service is an online directory of companies that are in the mobile phone industry in Australia. It is your exclusive opportunity to be amongst the first to benefit from a new solution of advertising your company on the Internet. 

2. Why do we provide the National Dealer Search Engine?

When people need to buy a mobile phone, normally they will find information from newspapers, magazines or ask the information from a dealer. Many people find this a tiresome and time-consuming process in our NDSE users can find all the updated information of the dealer. 

3. How does National Dealer Search Engine work?

Readers/buyers can easily search for your company's information in NDSE by just entering the postcode, suburb or company name. See our demonstration at www.imobile.com.au/DealerSearch.

4. What detail will be on National Dealer Search Engine?

All your company's profile will be displayed in the NDSE, like address, contact no., web site etc.

5. Why should I register?

The Internet is a great opportunity to expand your business. By listing on our NDSE, you don't need to set up your own website to get the same results if you had a website of your own and readers/buyers can easily search your company's information by just entering the postcode, suburb or company name to locate you. See demonstration at www.imobile.com.au/DealerSearch

6. How to register the NSDE?

Simply apply on-line www.imobile.com.au/DealerSearch/Registration. Your company will be listed on NDSE within 2 working days.

7. Is there any cost to me?

It is free if you register before 12 January 2001, and remains valid until the end of March 2001. $27.50 per year thereafter. (Incl. GST)

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