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Eon the Dragon

Eon the Dragon

Reviewed on 13 January 2005

Price: AU$6.60


Fire - besides a good story this is the only thing that keeps a young dragon warm during a cold night. The First Elder is here and all the little dragons are sitting beside the fire, waiting for the tale. And so it begins ...

Once upon a time there was a young dragon Eon who wished to become a real dragon. The annual meeting of the elder dragons had begun. All the important dragons were there, sitting in a circle. On that day he was allowed to sit beside them in the Dragon circle. The First Elder, the head of the 'Fire Dragons Clan', turned to him and spoke:

"To become a real dragon, you must complete three tasks. If you want to be considered worthy of sitting beside your father in the Circle you must retrieve a piece of your family's treasure. A stone gem called The Dragon Eye."

The young dragon listened very carefully and nodded his head. "That's an easy task," he thought to himself.

The Elder continued:

"The second task is given by the whole Circle of elders. You must regain a powerful relic that was stolen by our sworn enemy - The Black Lion. Oh, I see fear in your eyes ... Yes, it's The Tooth from the first dragon to set foot in this valley!"

Eon was scared and his thoughts were now concentrating on the upcoming task, and the Elder continued:

"The third and final task is well known to all the dragons that live in the valley. You know of the long lost crown of our Clan, don't you?" The little dragon nodded.

"Ah, yes ..." continued the Elder, "... The Dragon Horn." He paused for a moment and went on with a deep calm voice:

"Retrieve all three artefacts and return to the Circle. Don't be fooled by the creatures inhabiting the outside World. Some will help you with words of wisdom. Others will try to stop you in your quest. Go now. Our spirit is with you."

The reflection of the fire was shivering in Eon's eyes and the flame grew stronger. The moment he had been waiting for his entire life was here and it was real. His dreams were about to come true, but to succeed in his quest he will need courage and wisdom. He looked at his father's proud eyes for the last time before he departed on his quest…

We give this game 8 out of 10.

Supported Handsets
Motorola - C550 T720 V300 V500 V525 V600
Nokia - 5100 7210 6230 3200 3100 6100 6220 6610 6800 6820 7250 7250I 6600 3650 3660 6600 7600 7650 N-Gage N-Gage QD
Panasonic - X60
Samsung SGH - X100 E100 E400 E700 E710 P400 S300 X400 X600
Sharp - GX10 GX20 GX30
Siemens - SX1 X55
Sony Ericsson - K700 T610 P800

More information can be found at http://www.mobiletango.com

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