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Extended Profiles (by PsiNT)

PsiNT - Extended Profiles (eProfiles) v1.02F

Reviewed on 19 September 2002

Price: US $9.95 (trial available)
Available from: http://www.psiloc.com/nokia/eng/eprofiles7650/index.html

For those who’ve come to accustom themselves with the “timed profiles” function on the newer Nokia models (3510/5210/8310/8855/8910), you may have been disappointed to learn that the 7650 didn’t come with this feature!

For me, yes… I was definitely upset! No more setting the “silent” profile before going to sleep and having to switch back to the “general” profile when it was time for me to wake up and take calls.

Fortunately, my (and many other people’s) prayers have been answered! A piece of software, written by PsiNT, called “Extended Profiles” (or eProfiles) provides the basic timed profiles ability plus some neat little additions that further enhances the usefulness of having different profiles for numerous situations :)

The first thing that needs to be done is to set up the different profiles that you want to use. This cannot be done from within the Extended Profiles application. Therefore, you will need to go into the “Profiles” function from the main menu and customise each profile from here. Up to 5 customisable profiles are supported on the 7650, with the “General” profile being the only one that cannot have its name changed.

But if you are happy with the current profile settings, then this is okay as well.

When all this is done, the next step (of course!) is to start up eProfiles and have a fiddle!

Scheduling the profiles

On first opening eProfiles, the message “(No scheduled profiles)” will be shown. There’s not much to go by here - except for either choosing “options” (which brings up a list of available options for eProfiles) or “back” (quits eProfiles). Depressing on the joystick at this stage will bring up a new schedule screen - which we will move onto now.

Scheduling a profile is as easy as pie! All the necessary steps are listed in chronological order where “what needs to be done” is self-explanatory:

Start time
This is the time when the chosen profile is activated. If you are planning to just have this setting as a one-off single event, the profile will switch to the designated one at the time specified here. For schedules that have from-to times, the “start time” will activate the chosen profile and will wait the “end time” before another change is made.

Switch to profile
From here, you choose the profile that you want the phone to switch to at the previously designated time (start time).

eProfiles doesn’t just simply offer the ability to schedule profiles by hours and minutes - it also lets you choose which day(s) you want the actual profile schedule used. A list of options are available here - from “only once” (one-time profile scheduling - where it will be erased on completion), “every day”, “working days” (Monday to Friday), “weekends” (Saturday), and options for each day of the week.

Back to profile
This setting is used when you want the same profile schedule to revert the phone to another profile at its completion (or “end time” - to be mentioned after this). This is an optional setting, where you could simply choose “None” to have the respective profile schedule stop after the “start time” profile change.

End time
Similar to “start time”, this is the time when the profile chosen for the “Back to profile” option is initiated. Once this is done, the schedule is completed and eProfiles will move onto another schedule (if one exists) or deletes the schedule if the “only once” is set in the “When” option. Note: If you chose “None” for the “Back to profile” option, this will not appear on the list.

Finalising your profiles
Once you have completed a profile schedule, press the OK soft key and you’ll be returned back to the main eProfiles screen. The new profile schedule will be listed on the screen as a summary of your settings plus a box with a cross on the right of this. The “X” indicates that the profile schedule is currently active, where the settings will be executed at the prescribed time.

To disable a schedule, but not actually deleting it, press the “options” soft key - where a list of available commands are listed. “Edit” will open the currently-selected schedule for modification, while “new”, “remove” and “disable” will do just that.

Finally, if you use the ‘Favourites’ function on the 7650, you can add eProfiles to this as well - which will make accessing this application an effortless task! :)

Problems encountered
Unfortunately, there was one problem that I encountered on the first day of using Extended Profiles.

Scenario: when you set a start and end time for a schedule, while choosing “only once” for the “When” option

Result: the first profile change would occur (for the “Begin time” setting); but the “End time” profile change was skipped and the schedule subsequently removed from the phone as normal.

The correct situation would be the concluding profile change taking place BEFORE the completion process is undertaken by eProfiles. I have tried several combinations, but the only time this occurs is when the “only once” option is chosen.

I have emailed the software developer about this issue, but have yet to receive any kind of follow-up (as of the date of publishing the review).

So what’s the verdict?
There is no doubt about it - Extended Profiles rock! Given that there wasn’t a built-in solution provided for the “timed profiles” feature, PsiNT has managed to provide the basic answer PLUS the added ability to create long-term profile schedules in the phone as well.

Profile scheduling has become something of a necessity for me (since I first got my 8310) and have used this ever since. For this particular piece of software, you are definitely getting what you’re paying for! :)

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