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Handy Dates (by Epocware)

Handy Dates

Reviewed on 16 February 2003

Price: US$ 12.95 (trial available)
Available from: http://nokia-7650-software.epocware.com/Handy_Dates.html

Version reviewed: v1.0
Currently supported languages: English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Finnish, Turkish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, and Dutch

Phones, like the 7650, are aimed at appealing individuals who want a “one stop shop” solution to their needs, primarily in the area of communications. Although slightly larger than other phones, it comes with good functionality and a rich set of features that somehow manages to provide the needs for its user.

Having used the 7650 for more than half a year now, I’ve found it to be a fascinating device. However, there are still those features that I’d rather not use even if it would be helpful to have - simply because using it wasn’t worth the trouble.

Epocware’s latest creation, Handy Dates, sheds new light on the area of managing important dates and appointments. Although the 7650’s calendar feature becomes very useful for day-to-day events scheduling, it becomes a tedious task when you just want to mark an important date on the calendar. With Handy Dates, it provides a user with an easy and quick way of doing this, removing the need of having to sift through screen after screen!

Handy Dates basics

All you need to know when using Handy Dates is that important day you cannot forget! Alike other Epocware applications for the 7650, this one is no exception when it comes to ease of use.

To get started in entering dates, choose the ‘options’ soft key and select “add new”. A new screen will be shown requiring information such as:

  • the occasion of the event (for example - name of the birthday boy/girl, a description of a business meeting, “who and who’s anniversary”, etc);
  • day and month of the event;
  • a choice of category from the following list: anniversary, birthday, business meeting, holiday, memorial, party, vacation, other;
  • alarm settings for the event; and
  • the ability to specify whether the current event has a start year - so that you know how many years it has been since! (useful for anniversary, birthdays and memorials).
Once you have finished entering all the details, simply press the left soft key (OK) once again to confirm the entry and it will be saved. Should you accidentally make a boo-boo, press the right soft key (cancel) instead - where it will retain the previous information if it’s an existing entry, or discard it if it’s a new event.

To delete a particular event, simply access the ‘options’ menu from the main Handy Dates screen and choose “delete”.

You will find that any events entered into Handy Dates will also appear on the 3650/7650’s calendar, and vice-versa. This is because Handy Dates is fully integrated with the built-in calendar feature, allowing data to be shared across either application. Therefore, you will be able to read and write information and still see it when you’re using any of these applications. Very handy indeed!

Specific functions

A nifty feature that Handy Dates includes is its ability to import birthdays from the phone’s contacts. This is on the condition that you have filled in the “birthday” field in a particular contact entry for this importation procedure to work.

You can access the “Import Contacts” feature from the ‘options’ menu when the main Handy Dates screen is displayed.

Problems/issues encountered

After using Handy Dates for a while, I realised that some of the events that I’ve entered into the phone have been repeated for the following year. For most events that I use Handy Dates for, such as birthdays, I do not have a problem with this (it’s actually good that the application shows me how old the other person is if I knew when they were born right down to the year!)

But for other events apart from anniversaries, birthdays and memorials, I somehow do not see the point for that event to be repeated unless specifically chosen to be. I had entered entries categorised under business meetings and party, but I do not believe that these same events will reoccur in most situations (let alone occurring on the same day in the following year).

There should be an option in Handy Dates that gives its user a choice whether an event is to be repeated or not in subsequent years when the event is created. This would rule out the need of having to remove a particular event entry in Handy Dates only when you remember or realise it shouldn’t be there anymore.

So what’s the verdict?

Handy Dates is a “no fuss” application which simply does what it’s supposed to do. In my opinion, it provides an easier user interface for me to work with and does not require much thought by the user in doing up a simple event entry. One of the hindering factors as to why I’m not using the calendar for such reminders is because of the tedious process involved.

For those people who have a tendency to let such events slip their mind (nowadays, we are in a fast-moving environment!), you may like to consider letting Handy Dates giving you a hand at jogging your memory when you most need it.

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