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Handy Expense (by EpocWare)

Epocware Handy Expense

Reviewed on 09 September 2002

US $19.95
Available from: http://nokia-7650-software.epocware.com/Handy_Expense.html

This is probably my favourite application out of the other two. For those who want to keep track of their own expenditure (like me), the Handy Expense application offers not just the ability to record how much you spent at the supermarket. It also comes with additional features including classification of expenses for different situations (personal or business), a set of pre-defined expenses types with the ability to add to the list, and different currency options - handy for those always travelling with their 7650! :)

Setting up Handy Expense for first-time use is pretty straight-forward. Most importantly, the currency settings should be done up. If you are planning to use just one currency, it really isn’t necessary to do anything here. But if you do a lot of travelling around, getting all the custom currencies set up plus the correct exchange rates inputted will save you a lot of trouble later.

You can also set the standard expenses view you want, which is displayed on start-up and on normal usage. A selection of daily, weekly and monthly views are available. If you have many expenses, the daily view is recommended - while a weekly view will suit those who just want to keep track of their “here and there” expenses.

Entering information
From the main screen, selecting ‘options’ and choosing ‘add new’ will bring up a new screen. All the necessary information, including date and type of expense, currency used for the expense, payment method, category of the expense, and additional comments are available for each individual entry.

Entering information was extremely easy and straight-forward. The choice of different currencies allowed me to input the exact amount paid in the foreign currency, where Handy Expense gave me the equivalent Australian dollar amount. If I wanted to add some extra detail to a particular expense, the ‘notes’ field can be used for this purpose.

Most people would go and re-define the ‘types’ of expenses that have been pre-defined. A user has the option of adding and removing different types only. The types are not sorted alphabetically, which means you can put the ones frequently used on the top of the list.

If, for some reason, that you may need to change anything for a particular expense, simply choose the one that needs changing by highlighting it and depressing on the joystick, and modify the relevant information. You will find that this same expense item will be moved to the last line of the list of expenses for that day, as Handy Expense does not take into account the time of an expense entry.

Accessing information
As mentioned previously, a user can change the main screen view to their liking (based on their level of usage and frequency of recording their expenses). Moving the joystick left or right will show the previous and following day/week/month’s expenses respectively.

A report feature is available with Handy Expense, which collates all the different types of expenses together and presents them into a report view. A ‘total’ and the sub-totals for each individual expense type is presented on the screen in the primary currency type selected. Pretty neat when you want to work out how much you spent on parking your car last month! :)

So what’s the verdict?
Handy Expense is one application that I wouldn’t do without. Pocketing receipts and recording them once I got home wasn’t really a solution. Combining this application with the convenience of a mobile phone really made it that much more useful, as I would enter expenses as I incurred them. Also, a sufficient level of customisation and multi-currency feature makes Handy Expense a more valuable tool to carry around. This is what I call “effortless convenience in the palm of your hands!

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