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Handy Safe (by EpocWare)

Epocware Handy Safe

Reviewed on 09 September 2002

Price: US $19.95
Available from: http://nokia-7650-software.epocware.com/Handy_Safe.html

If you have a long list of access codes, login/passwords, or just simple URLs or notes that you jotted down on little pieces of paper everywhere, Handy Safe can help you rid that paper clutter collection you may have on your desk and let you organise the same information into appropriate folders - safely.

On the first time starting up Handy Safe the program required me to enter a password, which protects the information being stored. The built-in, 448-bit Blowfish encryption method protects the information saved within the Handy Safe application. Wrong attempts at trying to enter the application will lead to an error message, while choosing the “I forgot password” option will erase all Handy Safe information and reinitialise the program. Better remember that password!

Once you’ve finalised a password that you can’t refer back to Handy Safe for, a contents screen is shown with sample folders and entries to get you started. After going through these and have an idea how things work, you can simply delete them and go crazy creating your own! :)

Entering information
You will find that Handy Safe allows you to create different types of entries (up to 35 different information forms are available), where you can enter different types of information. For example, when trying to save credit card information, the relevant information - such as card number, expiry date, PIN, etc - can be filled in. And when trying to fill in an “email account” entry, it will ask for SMTP and POP3 server address, and login and password entries. Simple types, such as web page addresses and address details, are also available.

If you find that the labels for a specific type you have chosen is not appropriate for your entry, you can either edit the label to suit your needs or just delete the label from the current entry where appropriate. And if you can’t find the type that you need, simply choose the “general purpose” type and edit the labels to your liking!

Once you’ve realised that you’ve run out of things to save, you can start doing some housekeeping by organising all the information into appropriate folders. Handy Safe only allows for one level of folders (from the main contents page), but I don’t think there is a limit on how many folders you can have.

There’s virtually no limit in the types of things you can save with Handy Safe - where you’ll probably stop when you realise there’s not much memory left! :)

Accessing information
Referring back to the saved information is as simple as entering them. Simply open the Handy Safe application, enter the correct password, and the main contents page is brought up with the folders as organised. Opening a particular entry only requires selecting the respective entry and depressing on the joystick. Entries can also be updated when they are opened for viewing.

So what’s the verdict?
The first time I got Handy Safe, I spent about an hour entering all the necessary information required. Subsequently, I would only use this application when I need to refer back to information that I do not frequently use (such as passwords to services that I use on a not-so-often basis). But when I think about those moments that I have to look everywhere to find that little piece of paper with that bit of information on it, Handy Safe is a saviour!

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