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Space Doubler v1.00F (by PsiNT)

Space Doubler v1.00F

Reviewed on 17 December 2002

Price: US$ 9.95 (trial available)
Available from: http://www.psiloc.com/nokia/eng/sdoublerS60/index.html

Version reviewed: v1.00F
Currently supported languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Traditional Chinese

One of the more prominent complaints about the 7650 is the 3.6 MB memory limitation, which cannot be expanded in anyway. Should one dedicate this space solely for picture-taking efforts, most of us should not have a problem. But once we go off and start installing third-party applications, then it becomes a headache trying to keep some memory free for both new data and the phone system.

Enter Space Doubler, another one of PsiNT’s innovative creations that aims to free up as much space as possible. It does this by compressing third-party 7650 applications making them smaller and freeing up that bit more memory. It may not mean much for one application - but when you apply the same concept to all your applications, you will notice the difference! :)

Space Doubler basics

There’s not much you have to learn to get the full benefits of Space Doubler. The only time when you need to access the Space Doubler user interface is to compress/decompress applications and check the phone’s current memory status.

On opening Space Doubler, you’ll be presented with a list of applications that can have the compression/decompression procedure performed on it. If you’re using it for the first time, the application list is sorted by name - where you can have it sorted by size instead. You will also notice that “Java apps” and “Messages” (if you have any) will be displayed first - as Space Doubler also has the ability to compress such data.

For each application entry listed, it will give you its title, the amount of space used in kilobytes (kB) and, if compressed, the ratio of the compression in percentage based on the original file size.

Once an application has been compressed, you will still be able to access them the same way as before. The differences you will notice include:
  • the addition of a little Space Doubler icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the compressed application;
  • a possible change in the name of the application; and
  • the automatic compression and decompression sequences each time an application is started and exited respectively (see right).

Specific functions

In the Space Doubler interface, you can:

  • Compress/decompress individual applications

  • Simply highlight the application that you want to make smaller (compress) or to restore it back to its original state (decompress) by depressing on the 5-way joystick. To determine whether an application has been compressed or not, check to see if the small Space Doubler icon is on the bottom right-hand corner of the respective application icon; and also to see if there is a ratio percentage shown.
  • Compress/decompress all applications function

  • If you want to compress everything in the list, press the “Options” left soft key from the main Space Doubler screen, choose the “options” menu item and the “Pack all apps” function. To decompress all applications, chose the “Unpack all apps” function instead.
  • Change how the application list is sorted

  • You can also specify how the application list is sorted by pressing the “Options” left soft key and selecting “options” menu then “sorting” function. The list can be sorted by either name or date, and in ascending or descending order.
  • Check on the phone’s memory

  • A “memory info” function is available within the Space Doubler application, which alleviates the need to go back out to the “Apps” application to check on these figures. To access this function, press “Options” and select “options” then “memory info”.

Problems/issues encountered

The only minor thing I had a problem with was the slightly-slow speed of how Space Doubler brought up the applications list. You will find this occurring on launching Space Doubler, doing a refresh on the application list, and possibly returning to the list from the “Options” menu. As the list of application grows, it will take longer for Space Doubler to refresh the list (possibly an improvement in its performance for later versions?)

So what’s the verdict?

There’s no doubt about it - PsiNT’s Space Doubler application is a definite must-have for those that have a lot of applications stored on their 7650 and are also finding the lack of memory slowly becoming a long-term problem. I was quite happy with the performance in compression, which saved quite a bit of space for me!

Now I can take more snaps and have one or two more applications on the phone without having to worry about the very annoying “low memory” warning message! :)

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