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Tank Assault

Tank Assault

Reviewed on 01 February 2005

Price: AU$6.60


Allied forces are gearing up for an Arabian assault in this awesome new tank warfare title for mobile. Youíre a commando in the depths of mid-east desert territory. Terroristís trained with toxins are teeming for retribution. Use your special forces training to strategically swap from crusader tanks to battling cannons and rocket launchers. Smash through the enemyís supply stash, bust their bunkers and secure the flag from their palace as you liberate the peasant populace. Donít get arrogant though, reinforcements are hard to find in this arid battle arena. With ground breaking graphics and sound, your palms will be sweating as you accept the challenge to complete ĎTank Assaultí!

Itís nice to see a war game that is not a major challenge to master and has NPCs that adapt to your moves.


Advance slowly!! Draw only one or two enemies at a time. The map blips around the edge of the screen indicate friendlies (green) and enemies (red) These blips remain present on tanks, indicating which team they are on!

Watch your health! There is a health bar at the bottom of the screen. Control your troops to pick up med kits to heal (one at a time). Your troops will not get hit when in tanks, note the heart health icon changes to a tank. The tank will smoke and catch fire when low on health. There is no way to repair a tank, so be careful.

Tanks can blow up barricades. Use the heavy tank to fire on barbwire re-enforcements. This can be handy to take a shortcut and may be necessary to complete the mission, so protect your heavy tanks at all costs!

When troops reach level 3 or higher, they obtain the heal ability. Cycle through your troops to level them all up. Levels are represented by little yellow medals on each unit. The radio will tell you when a troop has levelled up. NOTE: You must have at least one troop on screen or it is game-over. Make sure your troops are following, sometimes you may need to move slowly so they keep up. This important in big battles!

We give this game 8 out of 10.

Supported Handsets:
Nokia 3200 3100 3650 3660 5100 6600 6100 6220 6230 6610 6800 6820 7210 7250 7250i

More information can be found at http://www.mobiletango.com

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