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Dr. Mobile - Your Mobile Phone Doctor [Submit your question]

Nokia 6120 - No free memory space?   S.VINOTH KUMAR   19-Jul-2008
Reader :  Hi, my phone memory has no free memory space out of 64 MB capacity. Even though i erased all my datas in phone memory but it shows less amount of free space. What can i do for that? Whether it could be reinstalled?

Dr.Mobile :  Hi there, You may want to try deleting messages, contacts, and calendar entires from your handset as these items also take up the handset's shared memory. If that doesn't work you may want to try re-flashing your handset's firmware to start from scratch. Dr. Mobile.

[Q & A]  Nokia 6120 - No free memory space?   19 Jul 2008
Hi, my phone memory has no free memory space out of 64 MB capacity. Even though i erased all my datas in phone memory but it show...
[Q & A]  Sony Ericsson S500 - Change to chinese compatible firmware?   17 Jul 2008
Hi just wondering does SONY s500 able to display and type Chinese since I travel a lot to Asia countries, thank you.. ...
[Q & A]  PUK code?   15 Jul 2008
How do i un block my PUK code i aciddently did it plz help me!!! ...
[Q & A]  Samsung D900 - Cleaning the dirt?   12 Jul 2008
The slider of my samsung D900 become very stiff after few month of use, is there any way i can fix it? Is there anyway to open the phone...
[Q & A]  Apple iPhone - Video recording?   9 Jul 2008
Dr Mobile, can iphone 3G record video? some says yes, others say no...
[Q & A]  Apple iPhone - Work on Telstra?   18 Jun 2008
will the new iphone 3 phone work on telstra next g if i buy it outright ...
[Q & A]  Motorola RAZR - Network SIM lock question   16 Jun 2008
I’m currently using a Motorola Razr and coming to the end of a Telstra contract. I want to buy a Sony Ericsson w890i and am thinking about b...
[Q & A]  Sony Ericsson W810i - User manual   10 Jun 2008
I would like to get hold of an instruction booklet for the Sony Ericsson W810i. Thanks, G. Stotz ...
[Q & A]  Network system / frequency question   3 Jun 2008
Hi Dr Moblie, I was just wondering if I would experience any disadvantages if I were to purchase a phone that works in the 900/1900 Mhz ...
[Q & A]  Nokia 6120 - Water damaged   3 Jun 2008
My daughter dropped her Nokia 6120 in the toilet. I've pulled it apart, dried it but it no longer works. I've tried using another battery ...
[Q & A]  Sony Ericsson P800 - Screen disconnected   3 Jun 2008
hi , Dr. Mobile I have a SE P800 and The screen disconnected with the phone , it meens when I touch the screen by stylus or hand I don't h...
[Q & A]  Poor reception - Adding exteranl antenna!   2 Jun 2008
Dear Dr, I live in a fairly ordinary reception area (on all networks and various phones) I was wondering if I could boost my cover...
[Q & A]  Sony Ericsson K850i - Re-assign the soft keys on touch screen?   28 May 2006
I have a telstra branded K850i. I wish to re-assign the "touch screen" keys to something other than "foxtel" and "bigpond". Telstra have b...

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