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Word Description
Pre-paid Term used for no-contract, no rental charge services where you buy credit 'vouchers' in advance for calls. Each network has its own pre-paid service.
PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) A top-of -the-range personal organser which allows you to store infromation and to use simple computer programs.
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memery Card International Association. This is the cable, including modem card, used to connect a mobile phone to a laptop computer for data transfer.
Portable Hands-free A device which connects to your phone and plugs into your ear which allows you to use your phone without having to hold it ot your ear.
Predictive Text This is a mobile phone feature to make text messaging quicker and easier. The phone will predict the word you are typing reducing the number of keystokes required.
Polyphonic The term used to describe the ability to play multiple instruments from a midi file at the same time, mainly used in mobile phones as ring tones. Samsung was one of the first mobile phone manufacturers to make us of this technology into their handsets.
Pin Personal Identification Number - A code used for all GSM-based phones to establish authorisation for access to certain functions or information. The PIN code is delivered together with a subscription.
PUK (Personal Unblocking Code) A code used to unblock a blocked SIM card, obtained from your network or service provider.
PTT Push-to-talk functionality, basically a service that allows you to use a phone handset much like a traditional radio-based walkie-talkie. This is a half-duplex voice over IP (VoIP) solution using the existing GPRS and EDGE data networks that are part of current GSM systems.
QCIF Data transfer rate is a quarter of the Full CIF. The QCIF (Quarter Common Intermediate Format) standard is defined as 176 x 144 resolution frames transferred at 9.1Mpbs.The QCIF is suitable for videoconferencing by telephone lines.
Reviewed unit Reviewed unit is the items used to review the product. We at iMobile received reviewed units from different companies and do our best to give our honest opinions to our readers about the products we are reviewing.
Roaming A service offered by most mobile phone service providers that allows subscribers to use mobile service while travelling outside their home serivce area. When they are outside their home service and come within range of another mobile system, the ROAM indicator on the mobile phone will indicate that they are in range.
SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) The smart card used in digital phones. It carries the user's identity for accessing the network and receiving calls and also stores personal infromation, such as phone directory and received SMS messages.
SMS (Short Message Service) Two-way text messaging service is offered on digital networks. Messages of up to 160 characters can be sent at low cost.
Standby time The number of hours that a freshly-charged battery will keep a mobile phone running without making or receiving a call. When making or receiving a call. When it is switched on, power is used continuously by the phone to keep it in contact with the local station.
SAR In a packet-switched telecommunication network, segmentation and reassembly (SAR, sometimes just referred to as segmentation) is the process of breaking a packet into smaller units before transmission and reassembling them into the proper order at the receiving end of the communication. Packets are made smaller to speed them through the network and specifically because of specified packet size restrictions in a given path. In the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, SAR is performed in the Transport layer at both ends. A transport protocol determines the size of the smallest maximum protocol data unit (PDU) supported by any of the involved networks, and segments the packets accordingly. SAR is used for asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) communications. In TCP/IP, the same process is known as fragmentation.
SDIO SDIO (Secure Digital Input/Output), allow an SD Slot to be more then just a memory slot, letting compatible devices such as camera, communication cards etc to be plug into it for usage.
STN (display) STN (Super Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Displays) is one of the first colour mobile handset's displays available. However, it’s not as bright and not as good quality to its newer successors TFT and UFB displays.
Service Provider A company that buys airtime from a network and re-sells it to a customer.
Sim Tool Kit With Network support the SIM toolkit enables you to receive a wide range of essential information. Anything from travel reports to sports results.
Tri-Band A phone which can operate on 3 different radio frequencies.
Third Generation(3G) Third Generation or 3G is the wireless communications involving internet access and data delivery to mobile phones with audio, moving colour images and sophisticated interent services.
TIO The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.
TFT (display) TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) is a technology that has a transistor for each pixel (tiny elements that control the illumination of your display) in a handset's LCD (liquid crystal display) screen. Having a transistor at each pixel meant that the current that triggers pixel illumination can be smaller, faster and brighter then other method of LCD screen, such as STN displays.
Talk time The number of minutes of continuos speech will allow you to make on a mobile phone.
TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) Type of processing system used by digital mobile phones that allows several handsets in the same area to use the same frequency. Each conversation is allocated its own time slot -so that you only hear the conversation for the fraction of each second.
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