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Being pioneers in some of the greatest technology advances in Australia, Alcatel has been a key player in the mobile phone market since 1998. The division of the company boasts products with outstanding design and reliability. The company has also been focusing on developing value added services to offer customers and operators a wider range of new products and opportunities.

Service Hotline Number :1300 655 033

Australian Site : http://www.alcatel.com.au
International Site : http://www.my-onetouch.com/

A global leader in advanced electronic systems and services, the company liberates the power of technology by creating software-enhanced products that provide integrated customer solutions and Internet access via wireless and satellite communications.

Service Hotline Number :1300 138 823

Australian Site : http://www.motorola.com.au
International Site :

Recognized as a worldwide leader in high technology, the company is one of the few companies capable of offering a full spectrum of products and systems in semiconductors, electron devices, communications, computer peripherals, imaging, and computers. It is poised to play a vital role in the multimedia age, providing solutions through the integration of computers and communications products and services with the goal to link the world and transform it into a cooperative global village.

Service Hotline Number :1800 036 136

Australian Site : http://www.nec.com.au
International Site : http://www.nec.com

A pioneer in mobile telephony, the company is the world's leading mobile phone supplier as well as the top supplier of mobile and fixed telecom networks and services. Their slogan of "Connecting People" is not only their motto to hold on, it is also their business - to connect people around the world with their diverse range of mobile handsets produced.

Service Hotline Number :1300 366 733

Asian-Pacific Site : http://www.nokia-asia.com
International Site : http://www.nokia.com

Being well aware of the fact that customer satisfaction is considered in all matters, Samsung Electronics' business philosophy stresses in providing the products that customer needs, judging them from the customers' point of view, and satisfying customers with advanced technology and services. 

Service Hotline Number : 1300 362 603

Australian Site : http://www.samsung.com.au
International Site : http://www.samsung.com/Products/MobilePhones.htm

A world leader in supplying the fastest growing and dynamic telecommunications and data communications industry, offering advanced communication solutions for mobile and fixed networks, as well as consumer products.

Service Hotline Number : (Phone/Accessories)1300 650 050   

Australian Site :http://www.sonyericsson.com/au
International Site :http://www.sonyericsson.com


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