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Remote PC Access to Mobile Phones - What's New? Remote PC Access to Mobile Phones

22 March 2007
Reported by Angus Leung

WebEx (Nasdaq: WEBX), the leading provider of on-demand applications for collaborative business on the web, today launched WebEx PCNow 3.0, the first remote access solution to support both PC-to-PC and phone-to-PC access. Through an exclusive partnership with mobile technology provider SoonR, PCNow 3.0 enables the more than one billion wireless handset users to access the documents, emails, calendars and even VoIP applications on their home and work PCs.

"The days of lugging laptops through the airport are over. All your PC documents and email are now as close as your mobile phone," said Jack Chawla, senior director of product management, WebEx.

Designed to deliver the same experience as working on one's own computer, WebEx PCNow provides an easy-to-use, secure connection from any computer via a browser and internet connection. With SoonR, the same simplified remote access is available for any data-enabled phone without additional downloads or expensive devices. The combined product extends real-time access to desktop for search, Outlook contacts, calendar, email and multiple types of documents. Content is optimized for viewing on a web enabled mobile handset, and works across wireless carriers. In addition, PCNow 3.0 offers low cost calling anywhere in the world from a mobile phone leveraging the power of SkypeOut.

Chawla added, "The way we work has changed. Speed and flexibility have replaced size and scale as the keys to durable competitive advantage. By supporting both phone-to-PC and PC-to-PC access, we're helping knowledge workers be productive anytime, anywhere and from any device."

"The combination of SoonR and PCNow delivers a complete offering for millions of people that are doing business on the road every day - to have always-on access to their PC-based data and applications," said Martin Frid-Nielsen, CEO, SoonR. "WebEx and SoonR understand that and are creating the path for users to access their information however they want."

PCNow enables users to remotely access the complete range of applications and resources of a PC as if they were sitting at their own computer. Capabilities include:

  • Simple Setup - PCNow setup takes just minutes. No need to reconfigure PC or network settings.
  • Remote Desktop Control - View and control the remote computer using just a web browser.
  • Copy and Paste - Copy and paste text between computers for simple content transfer.
  • File Transfer - Copy files to and from the remote computer. If a document is needed, simply access the remote computer and transfer the file to a local computer.
  • Printing - Print any document on the remote computer to a local printer. No need to install the application or any printer drivers on the local computer.
  • Secure Connections - All session traffic is secured with 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption.
  • Telephone Authentication - The password-protected online session initiates a call back to a predefined telephone number for user verification, entry of correct code on telephone keypad to authenticate the user remotely accessing the computer.
WebEx PCNow 3.0 introduces the following mobile access capabilities:
  • Mobile File Access - Access and view files, photos, and documents stored on your remote computer from any mobile phone. Quickly share documents and pictures on the go. View slideshows and share comments with other users.
  • Mobile Outlook Access - Access Microsoft Outlook email, calendar and contacts from a mobile phone. Create, reply, forward and delete emails and appointments, and every change is automatically updated in your computer's Outlook display.
  • Mobile Desktop Search - Use Google, Yahoo, Windows, or X1 desktop search to quickly find documents, emails, images and appointments stored on the desktop PC. Easily forward files from search results to colleagues and friends.
  • Mobile Skype VoIP - Use SkypeOut to call contacts even on mobile devices that are not supported by the Skype mobile client.
Pricing and Availability
PCNow 3.0 is available today. At $11.95 per month for two PCs, PCNow is less than half the cost of some competing products. For more information or to sign up for a free 30-day trial, visit, http://pcnow.webex.com

WebEx provides on-demand collaboration applications to individuals, small businesses and enterprise organizations. WebEx applications combine both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration capabilities and enable businesses to leverage the web as an efficient channel for interaction with customers, partners and co-workers. WebEx Connect, the first collaborative on-demand platform, enables developers and customers to integrate multiple applications to create powerful collaborative business "mashup" solutions from web-based, on-premises and desktop applications. WebEx Connect brings together people, process and data in a collaborative workspace designed for the way business people work today

About SoonR
SoonR lets mobile users tap into the power of their computers from any Internet-capable mobile handset or remote computer, anywhere in the world. The SoonR service is built on a secure and extensible, open standards based application platform, linking mobile phones and remote computers to applications and data on any Internet connected Windows or Mac computer. People can remotely access SoonR Desktop to search and access documents and images, SoonR Organizer for email, scheduling and contacts and SoonR Talk for mobile VoIP. SoonR integrates with applications such as Google Desktop Search, Yahoo! Desktop Search, X1, Spotlight, MSN Desktop Search, Outlook Office 2007 and Skype. PC-based data is automatically rendered for an optimal mobile experience. SoonR performs all these functions without synchronization or any additional software on the handset. SoonR works across carriers and on any handset operating system including Symbian, Microsoft Mobile Windows Mobile 5, Blackberry, Palm and others. For more information, visit http://www.soonr.com.

About WebEx
With 2.2 million registered users, WebEx is the global leader in on-demand applications for collaborative business on the web. These applications enhance high-touch business processes, such as sales and training, with efficient web-touch interactions. As an on-demand provider, WebEx is able to facilitate both internal and external collaboration. WebEx delivers its range of applications over the WebEx MediaTone Network, a global network specifically designed for the secure delivery of on-demand applications. WebEx applications support multipoint videoconferencing, web conferencing and application remote control. WebEx is based in Santa Clara, California and has regional headquarters in Europe, Asia and Australia. Please call toll free 877-509-3239 or visit http://www.webex.com for more information

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