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AnyPhone will do - Buyer Guide AnyPhone will do

11 June 2002
Written by Richard Browning

The “Hook Offer?”

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far, far away, the “hook offer” was introduced. This offer was what sold mobile contracts to the common man, and in Australia the first such offer was Optus’ “Freetime” - giving 20 minutes of free mobile talk time between two Optus customers after 8pm and before midnight.

This sensation was a hit, especially with the youth as it meant no more sharing the landline with the rest of the family, but having a free personal line wherever you happened to be at the time. Girlfriends all over the country were celebrating.

Fast forward to the present and we see that many “hook offers” have come into the lives of the mobile public. Telstra and Vodafone both introduced similar plans to Optus’ Freetime as well as One Tel’s effort of giving One Tel customers 20 minutes free to other One Tel customers at any time of the day - not just in the off-peak 8pm till midnight bracket. Before, plans may have been chosen on sheer value for money but today many plans are chosen so as to exploit the freetime with other friends using the same carrier.

Yet another new “hook” from Optus

It is with this clearly in the front of their mind that Optus have released yet another new “hook offer”. This new option, “yesAnyPhone”, means that from your Optus mobile you can call any phone, anywhere between 8pm and 7am for just 30c for the first ten minutes. This includes landline phone or mobile phone on any carrier*. “YesAnyPhone” breaks down the boundaries between the different carriers by making it just as cheap to call a Vodafone mobile, a land line or any Optus mobile.

Of course there’s a catch, right?

For sure there is a catch - as this offer sounds like a great addition to Optus’ arsenal of offers. Firstly it is only open to new contract holders, so existing Optus customers either have to upgrade their plan or start a new one. Secondly, you can only choose “yesAnyPhone” OR “yesTime” - meaning you can choose either cheap calls to all mobiles and landlines as described above OR you can choose 20 minutes free from Optus mobile to Optus mobile 8pm till midnight. A tough choice to make I must say.

The third and final catch is that the offer is advertised to only last until 31 December 2002, leaving contracts that are entered into in the immediate future with only around six months of special offering (this could be extended though as when “yesTime” was first released it also had a similar “use by” date in the fine print - but is still available today some years later).

The verdict?

All up, this is not a bad offering from Optus, who has been falling behind in the special offer stakes recently. If you are looking for a new contract and make most of your calls in the off-peak for less than ten minutes in duration this plan might just win you over.

* 'yes'Anyphone is a special promotion valid until 31 December 2002 unless withdrawn earlier. This promotion excludes participating Optus Service Providers' customers. Applies to calls made by Optus Mobile GSM customers to any mobile on an Australian mobile network or any fixed line within Australia. Excludes some call types including SMS, 'yes'info Updates, data, Directory Assistance, Voicemail retrieval and diversions, 1900, 1800 and 0055 calls. Only applies to calls made within Australia commencing between 8pm and 7am and applies to the first 10 minutes per call after which standard rates apply.

Optus reserves the right to cease the 'yes'Anyphone promotion without notice. Does not apply to Optus Business Plans, Optus Pre-Paid, Optus CDMA and MobileSat customers.

'yes'AnyPhone is not available on the 'yes'Mobile Direct 18 plan.

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