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Cover Story
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Personalise your mobile with LogoManager
Personalize your Mobile Phone with LogoManager

By Kinny Cheng
May 2000

Product : LogoManager
Author : Mike Bradley
Developer Site : http://www.logomanager.co.uk
Current Version : 1.0 / 1.1 (Beta)
Platforms Supported : Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Trial Version Available from :


Mike Bradley's LogoManager is a fascinating tool that allows the user to customise various aspects of your Nokia mobile phone - where some of these include the changing of logos and ring tones, the storage of phone book entries and even the sending of SMS messages from the computer too. The application also provides a comprehensive help file that provides a sufficient information for both new and existing users to refer to.

The good news is that the software can be downloaded from the iMobile.com.au - but, with it being shareware, there is some sort of "protection" which differs it from the full version. With each logo that is sent using the demo version, the word "demo" is included on the top left-hand corner of each logo sent to a Nokia phone. After registration, this disappears.

In order to use the LogoManager software, you will need either a data cable that will connect up the phone with your computer's serial port, or an infrared (IR) port - where both computer and phone must both have an IR port to communicate. On various models, only one of each can be used - whereby, on others, both data cable and IR can be used.

The current version of LogoManager (version 1b) supports all platforms of Microsoft Windows up to 2000 (95/98/NT/2000) and can utilise both the generic IR driver and the new IrdA stack that is included in pro-98 versions of the OS. Previously, LogoManager was not able to make use of the IrdA stack in the versions of Windows that had it - which led to frustration in getting the phones to connect through the IR port.


Logo Design and Uploading
LogoManger allows the user to design a new logo or edit an existing one that may have been previously saved or downloaded from other sites. Where the logo has been loaded onto the computer, it can be uploaded (or sent) to the phone after a connection has been established with the handset itself (either through the data cable or IR port). LogoManager also allows you to download (or retrieve) the existing logo that is on the phone already.

The logo design tools are quite good compared to some of the other software packages that offer similar functions (such as Kessler's Group Graphics Editor and Operator Logo Editor softwares). I, previously, am a user of Kessler's software because LogoManager did not exist in those days.


Infra-red Link is suitable for computers without a built-in IR port, the adapter connects to any serial port (9-pin). 

Available from http://www.mgram.com.au

Datacable allows to connect mobile phone to PC via serial port.

Available from

Buyer Guide

Buyer Guide

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Personalise your Mobile with LogoManger
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