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Cover Story
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Radiation? Who cares?! - iMobile.com.au Radiation? Who cares?!

22 May 2002
By Richard Browning & Kinny Cheng

Have you ever got off the phone after your third round of “freetime” and felt that warm fuzzy feeling? No, not THAT warm and fuzzy feeling! The feeling you get on the side of your face just after an extended phone call. Ever wondered why your ear and surrounding flesh is warm and glowing a dull red? Could it be the warmth of the phone rubbing off on your head or perhaps the sheer grating quality of your girlfriend’s voice?

Or was it the side effect of holding something to your head for 20 minutes at a time or perhaps something a little bit more sinister? Luckily for the common man, there are some very interesting people out there who have researched this very query for us.

The concerns of the general public for a long time have been in the field of mobile phone radiation. People see a possible danger in holding an electro-magnetic device very close to their brain and are therefore concerned - worried and even stressed about the damage this may be doing to their health, future well-being, life-span and the doctor’s bill. The main problem faced at the moment, though, is a lack of conclusive evidence. Some research has been done, but the results lack dramatic-enough results to stir a big reaction in the public eye.

What radiation?

Many people may actually be confused with what they are actually being exposed to when a person is either using a mobile phone right next to their ear, or just sitting right next to someone who is. Those same people may simply refer to it as being “radiation”, which is probably correct if you know the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

We all know that prolonged exposure to X-rays or gamma rays have been proven to cause health problems, where these are classified as ionizing radiation. Mobile phones and other similar communication devices (for example, walkie-talkies) use radio frequency (RF) fields to establish links with other devices - where these fields are classified as non-ionizing. In other words, the difference with ionizing and non-ionizing fields is that the former can produce ionization and radioactivity inside the human body, where the latter doesn’t. Confusing these two together may lead someone thinking that they’re carrying an always-on X-ray machine around in their pocket or purse!

The maximum amounts of non-ionizing radiation that mobile phone handsets normally produce are around 0.2 to 0.6 watts, and are considered to be low-powered RF transmitters. A walkie-talkie, for example, produces around 10 watts. Although far greater than a mobile phone, one must consider that a walkie-talkie is not used next to the ear for a prolonged timeframe, while a mobile phone is. Where the RF field strength decreases significantly when the device is located further away, exposure to such non-ionizing radiation is also dramatically reduced. Therefore, the use of devices such as handsfree headsets and car kits are valid candidates in achieving a reduction in direct RF exposure to the head.

But why do we still feel that warm fuzzy feeling at our ears after my “freetime” sessions if we’re not exposed to cancer-causing radiation? One simple explanation is because our body absorbs the RF energy that is produced by a mobile phone, and becomes heated once absorbed. Where the RF fields initially penetrate our body’s exposed tissue and works its way in, depth of penetration depends on the frequency of the RF fields. In the case of mobile phones frequencies, this can be up to a centimetre (no wonder we sometimes get those headaches!) If you’re worried about getting a fever from using a mobile phone, the fact is you won’t - simply because our body’s normal thermoregulatory processes carries this heat away.

According to the World Health Organisation’s information on electromagnetic fields relating to the use of mobile phones on public health, “all established health effects of RF exposure are clearly related to heating; and while RF energy can interact with body tissues at levels too low to cause any significant heating, no study has shown adverse health effects at exposure levels below international guideline limits.”

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Radiation? Who cares?!

Table of contents

Table of contents:

What radiation? (Page 1)
What will it take? / What's been done so far? (Page 2)
Filters the phones? / Fact, or fiction? (Page 3)

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